2020 Online Elections-Voting ends September 30, 2020

Qualifications of voters:

  • Voters shall be at least 16 years of age.
  • Voters and candidates shall reside within the boundaries of the District or Quadrant in which the election is being held.


You can vote for one or all candidates listed on the ballot in the quadrant you live in.

 Please remember only vote once.

Quadrant 2: Maryland Avenue, Rice Street, Burlington Northern RR Tracks, Dale Street

Quadrant 2 Ballot  



Quadrant 3: Larpenteur Avenue, Dale Street, Maryland Avenue, Rice Street

Quadrant 3 Ballot



Quadrant 4: Larpenteur Avenue, 35E, Maryland Avenue, Rice Street 

Quadrant 4 Ballot



map of d6

Thank-you for participating & results will be announced at the October 5. 2020 Board meeting.