The purpose of the Neighborhood STAR grant is to assist owners or lessees of small businesses to apply for grant dollars to improve the exterior/interior of their building Boundaries: Commercial properties located in the North End Neighborhood bounded by Dale Street, 35E, Larpenteur Avenue and the Burlington RR Tracks are eligible to apply. The goal of the program is 75% of available funds will be utilized on the Cultural Destination (Rice Street) and 60% of available funds will be allocated to women owned or leased or minority owned leased businesses. Priority will be given to businesses that have not received STAR funds in the past. Consideration will be given to businesses that increase job opportunities.


  • To encourage business improvement and development by offering grants to businesses and property owners
  • To stimulate private investment for projects that enhances the appearance of commercial buildings and businesses
  • Percentage of funds to minority and women owned
  • Vacant spaces will be given priority
  • Create local jobs for residents
  • Create local destinations for shopping
  • Grow economic vitality of the neighborhood

Eligible Uses:

Funds can be used for both exterior improvements and Interior improvements Required


There will be a one to one match required

Public Benefits:

  • Support business nodes in the North End
  • Improve the visual quality of commercial buildings
  • Be consistent with neighborhood plans

Site Control:

Applicants need to have site control of the property through ownership or lease of at least seven years Applicants who are tenants must have a signed lease and property owners written approval

Selection Process:

Applications will be submitted to the North End Development Team for recommendation then moved to the North End Neighborhood Organization Board of Directors for final approval. This is first come first serve opportunity.

Project Administration and Compliance:

The North End Neighborhood Organization will administer the grant. Staff will assist applicants with all compliance requirements.


The North End Neighborhood Organization shall request funds be disbursed from the City once work is completed and compliance is satisfied. Reimbursement will then be made to the applicant