Business Outreach Coordinator

Organization’s Mission: The North End Neighborhood Organization (NENO) works to serve, support and promote our community as an equitable place for everyone to live, work, play. The North End Neighborhood Organization is the third largest of seventeen District Councils that make up the City of Saint Paul. NENO works on equitable community engagement and outreach to underrepresented populations ensuring everyone is heard regarding their neighborhood.

NENO is seeking a candidate to conduct business outreach in the North End Neighborhood from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. This is a contracted position at $15.00 per hour approximately 20 hours per week. The North End is home to a variety of businesses, small shops, restaurants, non-profits and a few larger operations. NENO is a member of the North End Business Association and works closely with business owners and local service providers on a variety of issues. Currently we have a list of businesses in the North End.

Qualifications: Ideally Bilingual Experience in survey monkey or other electronic form creation Experience in survey creation understanding implicit bias in framing questions Computer Skills Effective written and oral skills Flexible schedule Access to a Vehicle

Project Phase 1: Work with staff and local leaders to build a business survey for the purposes of collecting from local North End businesses a set of needs and improvement ideas that could be implemented in the North End to improve the business environment and prosperity

Phase 2: Build the survey in paper and electronic form including translated versions for a variety of languages as needed. We will assist in translating and interpreter services. Develop a plan for administering the survey both in person where needed and electronically. This may include printing of the form itself and some simple marketing materials directing users to an online version.

Phase 3: Execute the survey with a goal of 90% business participation.

Phase 4: Aggregate results via collecting responses in a ranked format working with a Board member regarding impacts and scoring

Phase 5: Develop a plan to take results to city leaders for economic development and use when creating the Large Area Plan with is a ten-year neighborhood plan in 2020

Please send your resume to Kerry Antrim 171 Front Avenue Saint Paul MN 55117 or email to: by September 10, 2019