Neno is a non-governing board of volunteer members who share a mutual love of their neighborhood and a desire to see it improve in any manner possible and who oversee the non-profit organization.

Members are not employed by the city of Saint Paul and act as a non-binding advisory council for some city decisions or initiatives that occur in the North End.

2019-20 Board of Directors

SE Quadrant (1)

  • Alan Richardson (Vice Chair)

‟Life-long resident of St. Paul, recent member of the Rice Street/North End Community.  Proponent of affordable housing, pathways to home ownership, expanding commute options, bolstering parks and recreation opportunities, and strengthening youth and elder relationships.  Find me around Rice Street, I’m always up for a good conversation.

  • 2nd seat vacant
  • 3rd seat vacant

SW Quadrant (2)

  • Karin Groening

‟I moved to the North End from Dayton, Ohio 15 years ago. I became involved with NENO because I was looking for ways improve the neighborhood and to build stronger community connections. I love the North End’s diversity where roaming with my dogs can mean hearing mariachis on one block, Vietnamese karaoke on another, and seeing friends from all backgrounds. Since joining the NENO board, I’ve worked to engage and empower young people through the new Youth Committee and to build more connections with our immigrant and refugee populations.

  • James Berka
  • Dionne Gharamu (Secretary)
  • 4th seat vacant

NW Quadrant (3)

  • Richard Holst
  • Katheryn Schneider
‟I am originally from Colorado and moved to Minnesota in 1998.  I have lived in the North End since 2006.  I bought a home and a year later I bought the 4plex that sits right next to my house. I joined the board after being on the Friends of the North End committee.  I volunteer for many organizations including the MN Tool Library.  I am an avid gardener.  I am very proud of my rain garden and my front yard, which has more perennial plants than grass.
I enjoy being on the board of the North End Neighborhood Organization.  I especially like organizing events like the Marydale Festival which brings neighbors together.
  • Lou Michaels
  • 4th seat vacant
  • 5th seat vacant

NE Quadrant (4)

  • Matt Sletten

‟Matt has lived in the North end since 2004. He is active in his childrens’ school, neighborhood issues, and the North End Neighborhood Organization. He has served on the Land Use and Housing committee, and served as the Chair of the North End Neighborhood Organization. He has worked on the Marydale Festival, the 168 Front Avenue Community Garden, numerous community engagement projects, block club meetings and the building that houses the office.

“I appreciate my neighborhood, how it has grown and for the future growth.”

  • Vito Sauro (Chair)
  • 3rd seat vacant
  • 4th seat vacant


  • Vacant

Youth Seats

  • 1st seat vacant
  • 2nd seat vacant

Business/Institution Seats

  • Tyrone Maxwell
  • Soe Doh