2018-19 Board of Directors

SE Quadrant (1)

  • Alison Warford

‟I have lived in the North End since 2000 and have enjoyed making a home here.  I was elected to the NENO board in 2017 after looking for ways to get more involved in my neighborhood.  As a health care professional, I know how much one’s environment affects one’s health.  Having safe streets, access to healthy food, green spaces, adequate housing, educational and recreational opportunities, and most of all, having strong connections to the people around us make us healthier people and, in turn, create a healthier community.

  • Thaw Tu Hso

‟Thaw has lived in the North End for five years, moving from Thailand in 20018. Thaw has attended different high schools, Urban Academy, Humboldt, Roseville, and Como Senior High. He is interested in working on festivals and neighborhood beautification projects.

“People are friendly and they focus on what’s happening now”

  • 3rd seat vacant
  • 4th seat vacant

SW Quadrant (2)

  • Karin Groening (Vice Chair)
  • Steven Struhar (Secretary)

‟My wife Amanda and I moved here in the spring of 2007 (peak housing market). We fell in love with the neighborhood, and have been working to improve it by being members of various committees and on the district council. We plan to be here for a long time and look forward every week to meeting new neighbors.

  • Henrik Weber
  • James Berka

NW Quadrant (3)

  • Richard Holst (Chair)
  • Ethan Osten
  • Katheryn Schneider (Treasurer)
‟I am originally from Colorado and moved to Minnesota in 1998.  I have lived in the North End since 2006.  I bought a home and a year later I bought the 4plex that sits right next to my house. I joined the board after being on the Friends of the North End committee.  I volunteer for many organizations including the MN Tool Library.  I am an avid gardener.  I am very proud of my rain garden and my front yard, which has more perennial plants than grass.
I enjoy being on the board of the North End Neighborhood Organization.  I especially like organizing events like the Marydale Festival which brings neighbors together.
  • Anthony Levine

NE Quadrant (4)

  • Matt Sletten

‟Matt has lived in the North end since 2004. He is active in his childrens’ school, neighborhood issues, and the North End Neighborhood Organization. He has served on the Land Use and Housing committee, and served as the Chair of the North End Neighborhood Organization. He has worked on the Marydale Festival, the 168 Front Avenue Community Garden, numerous community engagement projects, block club meetings and the building that houses the office.

“I appreciate my neighborhood, how it has grown and for the future growth.”

  • 2nd seat vacant
  • 3rd seat vacant
  • 4th seat vacant


  • Suyapa Miranda

Youth Seats

  • Garrett McDermott
  • 2nd seat vacant

Business/Institution Seats

  • Tammie Johnson
  • 2nd seat vacant