Neno is a non-governing board of volunteer members who share a mutual love of their neighborhood and a desire to see it improve in any manner possible and who oversee the non-profit organization.

Members are not employed by the city of Saint Paul and act as a non-binding advisory council for some city decisions or initiatives that occur in the North End.


Have you wondered what is expected of a board member? Here is a description.

Board of Directors

SE Quadrant (1)

  • Betti Ingman (Chair)

‟I am a long-term resident and want to continue to invest my time in keeping the North End as wonderful as it is.

  • Neil James (Secretary)

‟I have 13 years of marketing agency experience and am a long-time resident. I have been looking for ways to put my time and talents to use in volunteer service for the community.

SW Quadrant (2)

  •  Steve Tuckner (Vice Chair)

‟I  am a  resident of the North End community. Prior to that my wife and I lived in Roseville for 20 years where we raised our twin daughters. We often ended up very near to the North End at Connie’s Creamy Cone. We are happy to live within walking distance of that and Marydale Park. We built a new net-zero home here so that we could enjoy the amenities of living in the city like sidewalks and public transit. My priority in being on this board is to try as best that I can to have the makeup of our district council accurately reflect the demographics of our district so that everyone feels represented.

NW Quadrant (3)

  • Katheryn Schneider 
‟I am originally from Colorado and moved to Minnesota in 1998.  I have lived in the North End since 2006.  I bought a home and a year later I bought the 4plex that sits right next to my house. I joined the board after being on the Friends of the North End committee.  I volunteer for many organizations including the MN Tool Library.  I am an avid gardener.  I am very proud of my rain garden and my front yard, which has more perennial plants than grass.
I enjoy being on the board of the North End Neighborhood Organization.  I especially like organizing events like the Marydale Festival which brings neighbors together.
  • Lou Michaels

‟I have made my home here in Saint Paul for the 16 years I have my business as Lou the photo guy LLC for over 35 years here in Saint Paul also been on several boards and committee for senior also. Rice Street/ North End Community. Very active on many active groups ioof, jwv, national press club, national press club #250004 also there to help members of our community whatever it is.

  • Mary Mangan Weyndt (Treasurer)

‟I previously was on the D6 Board (from 1992 to about 1995) and I want to help keep the neighborhood progressing in a forward direction. My heart is in NE area and I understand the area.

NE Quadrant (4)

  • Vito Sauro 

‟Hi Folks, my name is Vito Sauro. I am a Saint Paul citizen, a human being enthusiast, and the current chair of NENO. As a leader with other organizations, and through my work in education, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that can be made when community members have their passions heard. I will continue to listen intentionally to the needs of those around me, act with calculation and conviction, and work to drive this community forward. I am committed to ensuring all voices are valued and esteemed in our neighborhood and our city.


Youth Seats

  • Paul Nguyen

‟I’ve been living in the North End since 2009. I joined the Youth Committee at NENO because I wanted there to be a voice for the youth in the neighborhood. Hopefully I can make the Youth Committee expand into its full potential and help the youth participate in the North End Neighborhood. I enjoy spending my free time volunteering at Keystone on Rice Street and taking long walks around the lake.

Business/Institution Seats

  • Okkoy Graham
  • Timothy McGee

Distribution of Elected Delegates:

Quadrants as defined in Article 2, Section 2 shall elect:

Quadrant 1 shall elect 3 members

Quadrant 2 shall elect 4 members

Quadrant 3 shall elect 4 members

Quadrant 4 shall elect 4 members

Two Board Members will be elected At-Large

Two Youth Members aged 16-22 years of age or older will be elected At-Large.


Distribution of business or institution appointees:

Business or institution appointees shall be community members who own a business or work in an institution within the District 6 boundaries