Friends of North End Parks

The North End Neighborhood Organization with five other district councils received a grant from Trust for Public Land-10 Minute Walk, a national effort led by The Trust for Public Land. These grants will help bolster local efforts to ensure that 100% of people in U.S. cities have access to parks or green space within a 10-minute walk of home by 2050.

The North End Neighborhood Organization has made parks and greenspaces a priority. In 2020 we are spearheading the Friends of North End Parks to not only be park stewards but also advocate for additional resources and investment in our parks and work on the Parks and Recreation portion of a Neighborhood Plan for the North End.  With Community Engagement and Trust for Public Land funds we hope to:

  • Conduct intentional outreach to marginalized and underrepresented communities and empower community members to be advocates for parks and green spaces.
  • Connect residents to the existing parks and green spaces in their communities and strengthening stewardship of these spaces.
  • Identify usage and relationships to their parks and green space and note the needs in making them safe, culturally-relevant and accessible.
  • Identify barriers to park access and enjoyment
  • Raise awareness of the city-wide need for dedicated parks funding for improvements, development, and maintenance for safe, healthy, active, culturally-relevant parks and green spaces in Saint Paul.
  • Organize a list of wants and needs

What Friends of North End Parks is:

A group of residents who are passionate about greenspaces and are willing to commit time and energy to affect necessary changes to our parks system. We are beginning with Marydale, Lewis Parks and Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary. We will continually add other North End Parks.

Get Involved:

Join the parks friends group

Volunteer to lead a group

Connect with neighbors about the parks friends

Contact NENO for more information and check out the calendar for scheduled meetings

Lewis Park

Sylvan Park (under construction)

Willow Reserve

Marydale Park

Lyton Park

Cayuga Park

Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary

Rice and Arlington Field

Front Avenue Skate Park