Pedestrian Plan Goals

Draft Plan: Draft Pedestrian Plan Public Participation Plan

Build capacity among city staff, elected and appointed officials, stakeholders, and the public to support safe walking everywhere in Saint Paul

Identify proactive policies and on-going  procedures for equitable implementation of pedestrian safety improvements throughout the city

Identify locations where pedestrian improvements are most needed, based on equity principles and other criteria determined through the planning process

Identify programs that exist or are needed to support education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation of behaviors that support safe walking

Promote and energize a culture of walking in Saint Paul


Pedestrian Plan Intended Outcomes

Some of the key deliverables

1 A clear framework or flowchart that will guide the city’s decision-making regarding where we make crosswalk enhancements and what type of investment we make at any given crosswalk (e.g. paint, curb extensions, flashing lights). This will help us be consistent in identifying locations where we improve crosswalks, and guide the different level of investment we make based on a road’s traffic volume and speed (e.g. painting a crosswalk vs crosswalk plus medians vs crosswalk plus flashing lights). This will help the city be more transparent to the public about our decisions and guide investments where they are most needed.

2 A prioritization system based on values to help direct our investments in pedestrian infrastructure around the city, including sidewalk gaps. With community input gathered during the plan, we will identify areas of our city that have the highest need for pedestrian investments based on priorities regarding equity, safety, health, access to destinations, etc. This will help us assess our funding sources and spending and ensure that we are prioritizing locations with the highest needs.

3 Of course, education, encouragement and enforcement are also important tools to improve safety for pedestrians. In addition to the engineering guidance above, we will identify ways the city can support these on-going programming efforts in the future

4  Please visit Open Saint Paul to tell us more about your experience walking in Saint Paul and to sign up for updates about the pedestrian plan.

5 Provide input on the draft public participation plan attached. Note, this is a draft intended to be a starting point that will be refined with your input and with input from the consultant once they are under contract. However, I’d like to take time this summer before formally kicking off the plan to hear from community members how they would like to be engaged during this process, so that we can hit the ground running and have clear expectations as we get started. Please feel free to distribute the attached document and send any feedback my way by July 31. A final version will be posted on our webpage.