These are just a few of the things we are doing at the North End Neighborhood Organization. If there is something missing or information/support you are looking for please contact us via email: There are 17 district councils in the city of St Paul who are all working to engage and support their neighborhoods in varied capacities during these challenging times. If you would like more information on how to get involved with your neighborhood organization, check out the city website at to identify your district council.

NENO board, committees and staff are practicing physical distancing. The office has been closed with Jubilee Dee working from home and Kerry Antrim going to the office as necessary to ensure the organization meets its’ obligations and mission. All meetings are hosted and attended remotely. The following is a snapshot of NENO’s work during month 1 of the pandemic

In Response to COVID-19

  • Signed up for Zoom meetings
  • Set up a Covid-19 resource and information portal on
  • Researched open restaurants and grocers in the North End, including restaurant hours, ordering information, and delivery services.
  • Kept up with changing information coming out from city, county, state, and national sources.
  • Connected with Noel Nix, District 5 and District 10 on the city’s Neighbor’s Helping Neighbor’s volunteer sign-in.
  • Connected with the North End South Como Block Nurse Program-they have volunteers but not as many are in seniors in need.
  • Additional e-news letters are being sent out as information changes.
  • Reached out to both NEBA and the North End Foundation regarding stipends for volunteers and connections for people in need.
  • Jubilee Dee is working with Keystone regarding proxies to be able to pick up food at the food shelf and deliver it to people who are afraid to go out. (Because of Covid-19 or those
  • Kerry Antrim joined the Ramsey County Community Engagement Workgroup regarding food and basic needs security and distribution. The purpose is to work with the community to develop a unified food and basic needs supply and distribution system that is prepared to meet community needs, prioritizing our most vulnerable communities.
  • With North End Development Team members, called businesses regarding the Bridge Fund. Sent information to the North End Business Association members and posted to social media. Jubilee Dee connect with both Karen families and businesses
  • Supported the city and Dai Thao and submitted a resolution condemning racial attacks against our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors

Projects/Programs Reworked due to COVID 19

  • The City Wide Parks Clean-ups are cancelled-we will set up individual parks clean-ups if we have the volunteers, masks and gloves and are able to ensure physical distancing
  • The June City-Wide Drop-off event has been cancelled and the one at the Fair Grounds has been postponed-we will be working with district 10 regarding volunteers and senior pick-ups
  • 1199 Rice Street Garden-Friends of the North End is working on getting the garden maintained. Staff will connect with volunteers to ensure physical distancing and if needed provide gloves and masks if available. The garden is separated into 4 quadrants and two people can work each quadrant. Photos of what to pull out will be available.
  • 168 Front Community Garden-there are fifteen gardeners. Jubilee Dee is providing physical distancing information and recommending that only one family garden at a time.Census 2020
  • Cancelled being a QAC location. Jubilee Dee has been calling her Karen community and others regarding the census. She is assisting the Complete Count initiative making calls to people 3 times a week.Work as Usual-but different
  • Updating message boards with relevant information.
  • The Chair & staff met with Ward 5
  • The District Councils in District 3 met with County Commissioner Trista MatasCastillo
  • The Community Engagement Contract Workgroup met and is continuing to work on streamlining the contracting process for 2021.
  • The deadline for the AARP grant for additional benches at Trout Brook has been backed up to May 15th. The grant is 90% finished.
  • Met with Cat Beltmann, district councils coordinator and Noel Nix X2
  • Attended Zoom District Council Steering Committee x2. The Executive Director/Community Organizers will begin to meet weekly. Community organizers will start to meet as a group.
  • Continued working with other district councils.
  • Held North End Roundtable meetings.
  • Updating Social Media.
  • Continued the ELC meetings
  • Continued with administrative tasks-reimbursements, paying bills, meeting set-ups, agendas etc.
  • Started the housing report.
  • Submitted a recommendation on RM Zoning ordinance changes.
  • Working on CIB business projects.
  • Working on Neighborhood STAR projects. .
  • Working to get a recommendation regarding Safe Housing.
  • Working to support the Small Businesses against predatory lending.Trust for Public Land
  • Met with the local TPL manager regarding where we are at moving forward.
  • Met with the National TPL checking in on timelines etc.
  • Finalized Parks & Green space Survey for TPL and putting it in a survey form.Challenges Faced:

    The biggest hurdle is unable to meet with people face to face and cancelling our New Neighbor sessions and Community Pop Up events for April, May and most likely June. We are also experiencing challenges in getting information to all our residents-most municipalities and organizations are.