There are a limited number of food scraps starter kits still available at Ramsey County yard waste sites. Once those run out, Ramsey County will no longer provide countertop food scraps caddies (starter kits) as we prepare to launch the food scraps pickup program in 2023. Compostable bags are still available at all food scraps drop-off sites. Residents who already have a countertop caddy at home should continue using it. Otherwise, any other container can be used for food scraps collection. 

This information has been posted on our website:

Bag size is the main reason why we are discontinuing distribution of the countertop caddies. The compostable bags for the new food scraps pickup program will be larger than what we currently provide. The machines that will be used to separate the food scraps bags (either 6 gallons or 13 gallons)from the trash cannot detect bags smaller than 6 gallons, which is much larger than the current 2.5-gallon bags that fit the countertop caddies.