Join the Board

The North End Neighborhood Organization has open seats on our board of directors. You go to our website and fill out a short questionnaire regarding what area you live in, fill out the membership application no later than August 16, 2021.Voting will take place both online-starting August 17th until August 27th  and in person at our September 7th meeting which is scheduled at the Rice Street Recreation Center-1021 Marion Street starting at 6:30 PM. It may seem complicated but it really isn’t-just a different format for our neighbors who aren’t comfortable with in person meetings or find it difficult to get to a meeting. Board Information 
If you have questions contact 651-488-4485 or email 

Some questions you might have:
How much time do I commit to?

  • meetings are every month for about an hour & a half
  • you should plan to volunteer at at least one event 
  • it is  recommended you join another NENO standing committee
  • you answer emails that are not able to wait until the next meeting 

What do I have to know?

  • you do not have to be familiar with how local government or nonprofits work-you will learn 
  • you don’t need to know everything about the North End but should know about your area
  • any projects etc. that you might recommend you will receive a lot of information 

How does it work?

  • Committees hear about projects and make their recommendations directly to the board-members then vote to accept or not accept the recommendations. It an item comes directly to the board you hear about the initiative or project and then vote. 
  • the board is only advisory for city or neighborhood decisions that fall outside on the organization 

Why should I join?
Our mission to work to serve, support and promote our community as an equitable place for everyone to live, work and play-basically creating the kind of community where everyone is heard and all opinions are valued is what members work towards. We accomplish a lot and not everything is easy but it is important. You meet people who share your commitment to your neighborhood and  a common bond about creating the best community for all. 

Anything Else?
You just need to really want to see positive changes and project in the neighborhood, like to get involved and work with others-and you get to work with your neighbors! 

If you are interested in committee work check out the website and you can just show up to a meeting or you can call: 
Jubilee Dee: 651-703-2970 or email for information on Building Community, Youth Committee, North End Parks Friends 
For information on the  Board of Directors, Land Use & Housing Transportation contact Kerry Antrim 651-488-4485 or email

Meeting Location Change:
The Transportation meeting on Thursday August 12th will be at the Rice Street Library beginning at 6:30. Masks are required. 

Electronics Only  Drop Off August 21st Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed-about twelve volunteers are needed to assist. There will be two shifts, 8:15 -10:45 AM  and 10:45 AM to 1:30 PM and we need about 6 people per shift.  If you volunteer you’ll get to drop off three electronics for free-just not all large screen TVs. Breakfast snacks & lunch will be provided
If you want to help out connect with Kerry at 651-488-4485 or email
no later than August 14th. 
Prices can vary by item :
$5 – Items without Screens: VCRs/DVD Players, Printers, etc.
$10 – Items with Screens: TVs, Monitors, Tablets, etc.
$25 – TVs over 60”
For safety reasons, staff reserve the right to refuse any vehicles or materials.
Citywide drop-off events close at 1:00 PM. Participants must remain in their vehicles. Arrive early to have items unloaded and exit by 1:00 PM
Cash or Check written out to the City of Saint Paul only. 

More stuff to get rid of? A Drop Off event will be at the MN State  Fairgrounds on Saturday September 18th from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

Don’t forget Marydale Festival!
To volunteer, sign up to be a participant: Marydale